Kitsap Now Wed, 09 Dec 2015 05:58:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 103614789 The beach, the dog, light, photography and God Wed, 09 Dec 2015 05:54:35 +0000 Continue reading The beach, the dog, light, photography and God ]]> The beach offers many opportunities for the dog and the photographer to play…  As dog the water and sand provide an interesting landscape full of sights, sounds and scents.

Golden Retriever enjoying the beach
The Dog and the Beach

The Dog knows the importance of exploring and intimately knowing the environment before attempting Photography.

Golden Retriever Beach
The Dog explores the environment before attempting photography

For the Photographer, the water, sky, wind, waves and wildlife allow for ample opportunities to capture the moment (with 1’s and 0’s in a mathematical representation of the light reflecting off the subject matter(s) ).

Often the Photographer finds the best light at dawn or dusk (the golden hour).

The Beach - Golden Hour
The Beach – Golden Hour

As you can see, the same beach scene that the Dog was exploring earlier, in anticipation of the Golden Hour, now displays deeper colors and a sense of artistry, motion and soul that was not present before.

The Golden Retriever should no be mistaken for the Golden Hour
The Golden Retriever should no be mistaken for the Golden Hour

The Photographer snaps multiple photos of the scene hoping to capture light, objects, ambiance, soul and time, to make a finite moment infinite.  Infinite possibilities for same location leads the Photography to the conclusion that something larger is at work here.

Golden Hour - Indianola Beach
Photography – Light – God

God, Light, Beach, Dog and Photographer.  Quantumly the act of taking the photograph may have changed the Photograph. 

The Dog has grown bored with Quantum theory, Photography and musing about God.

Dog has moved on to something more interesting than Photography
Dog has moved on to something more interesting than Photography

The Photographer has taken a cue from the Dog and moved on to the next great adventure.

Guest author / Photographer
Jeremy Moff

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A Perfect Autumn Stroll and Bite to Eat Fri, 07 Nov 2014 20:45:45 +0000 Continue reading A Perfect Autumn Stroll and Bite to Eat ]]> We recently toodled down to Port Gamble. An autumn requirement. It is a beautiful town any day of the year but a day in fall is the best. It is made for this season. We went out to walk the trails and discovered two things I never knew were there. (Some of you will have known of these gems for years but many, I am sure, do not). There is a pond complete with ducks, lily pads (some sort of aquatic vegetation) and great photographic opportunities. And my dog, Shiloh, found all sorts of neat smells. And looked great as she is a retriever and was quite at home amongst the tall grasses and waterfowl.

We continued up the trail and ended at the RC airplane field. Awesome. There were boy scouts having a picnic and running around. I imagine this is used quite often for large groups as there is A LOT of space. And it’s off the road so it’s safe. We were done for the day hiking there so tune in for another blog for the rest of the trail story.

PG bar-grill ciderWe really went there for the fabulous hot apple cider at the Port Gamble Store & Cafe. And discovered the new wing. I knew they were remodeling but I thought it was just to add a deck and expand their current little cafe. Nope. It was a great surprise. There is now a bar and expanded restaurant offerings. They have local beer, wine and locally sourced food. This new addition has large windows that overlook the passage.

PG bar-grill chandelier-viewThe decor has fancy chandeliers along with saws made into antique bulb, pendant lamps. There is beautiful simple woodwork that hearkens back to the town’s history. The lemon meringue cake is gorgeous. I didn’t have a piece, but next time they better have it!


The service was great. Friendly but PG bar-grill meringuenot cutesy (although Snow White did bring me my apple cider…)

I am thrilled for another great dining option in the north end and impressed they finally got some great seating for those wonderful views. It’s easy to see it all from the outside, wandering around the great little old mill town.

PG bar-grill barNow you can see it from inside a lovely cafe with a snazzy bar, games on the big screen and old time charm. (The wine cellar is the old Port Gamble Mill vault.) When you’re out there, don’t forget to also stop in No. 7 Books. Great selection, fun themed rooms. ~Kit Nowles for Kitsap Now

P.S. The bartender is worth going for on his own. 🙂

Find out more on their website HERE.


Spotlight on Our Photo Contest Winners Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20:43:37 +0000 Continue reading Spotlight on Our Photo Contest Winners ]]> Mary dockThank you to all our photography contest entrants. Below find out more about the winners. 

Mary Saurdiff

I am married, have two grown children and five grandchildren. I have lived in Kitsap County for most of my life. I am a photographer and watercolor artist. About ten years ago, I started getting serious about photography, and started selling photo cards in the local stores and to friends.  Living in Kitsap County gives me ample opportunity for photography subjects.

Indianola dock by Mary Saurdiff Poulsbo in the Fall by Mary Saurdiff

My first camera was a Kodak, then a Pentax, and later Canons. I own several Canons , including the 60D. I love the wide angle and telephoto lenses. The beauty of nature and knowing I could preserve it with photos inspired me to become a photographer. Flowers are my favorite subject, they are nature’s art and their beauty is always preserved in a photo.

If you are an inspiring photographer, I say to you “go for it.” Always take your camera with you wherever you go and get multiple shots. You can love your hobby and get paid for it too! If anyone is interested in purchasing any of my photos or cards, you can contact me at 360-598-4664 or visit my Facebook page at Merry Designs. Happy Shooting!

Boats in fog Poulsbo by Susan Henry Winter on Miller Bay by Susan Henry

Susan Henry

I like to use a Nikon camera and I usually use a 55-300 mm lens. I think what inspired me was the love of nature and art. My favorite photography subjects are landscapes and birds. I would tell aspiring photographers to get out there and practice and experiment. But most of all have fun and create! Susan Henry can be contacted through her Facebook page: Photo Shoot Adventures

Kitsap Now Photo Contest – final vote count! Sat, 13 Sep 2014 00:31:00 +0000 Continue reading Kitsap Now Photo Contest – final vote count! ]]> The contest is over and the it was a photo finish! A special thank you for all the talented photographers that summited photos! The top 5 photos and their photographers will be featured in an upcoming post.

Here are the final vote counts!

Indianola Dock 2 by Mary Saurdiff Boats in fog Poulsbo by Susan Henry Winter on Miller Bay by Susan Henry Indianola dock by Mary Saurdiff Poulsbo in the Fall by Mary Saurdiff Kingston Edmonds ferry by Mary Saurdiff Point No Point Lighthouse by Mary-Saurdiff Going to Seattle by Susan Henry Morning Ripples by Stephen Phayre American Spirit Liberty Bay Poulsbo by Mary Saurdiff Marina Sunrise by Stephen Phayre The Poulsbo Marina by Mary Saurdiff Seagull Feeding by Stephen Phayre Sunrise in Kingston by Susan Henry Point No Point Lighthouse by Susan Henry In the Woods by Stephen Phayre The Poulsbo Vikings by Mary Saurdiff Vintage Ferry by Stephen Phayre Sunset Sail by Stephen Phayre The Tree With A Face by Betty Petersen Olympic Mts from Poulsbo by Betty Petersen Bloedel Reserve Gate House, Bainbridge Island by Betty Petersen Beautiful Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island by Betty Petersen Rainier in the mist by Dave Stafford Sunset 3 by Stephanie Kirk Forest by Stephanie Kirk Chairs by Stephanie Kirk Sunset 2 by Stephanie Kirk Skipping rocks by Stephanie Kirk Blue Sky by Stephanie Kirk Sunset by Stephanie Kirk Driving by Stephanie Kirk Indianola Fun by Katrina Diller Beach Lighthouse by Stephanie Kirk

If you have an idea for a contest for leave a comment below!

You have until 9/30/14 to submit Kitsap County and surrounding areas photos.  As photos are submitted we will add them to the photo contest post gallery where people can vote on their favorite photos.  The top 5 favorite photos will be featured on’s rotating header banner with photo credit given to the Photographer.  Plus winning photos will be featured in a post.

Rules and other text stuff

1. You must be the photographer of any photo submitted and own the rights to the photo.

2. You grant the right to use any photo(s) submitted on the website. will list the Photographer by name on any winning photo used by

3. There is no other compensation or prize for winning the contest or submitting the photo other than the top 5 photos with the most votes will be featured in the Rotating Header and in a post on reserves the right to reject submitted photos if deemed offensive.  Winning photos will be featured in the Rotating Header for at least 1 month.

Salmon Fishing at Point No Point Thu, 11 Sep 2014 01:49:15 +0000 Continue reading Salmon Fishing at Point No Point ]]> The Salmon are running again at Point No Point!  Grab your pole and gear and head on out.  Point No Point LightHouse Park is a great place to fish from shore.

Salmon Fishing Point No Point

Most people use a buzz bomb while fishing from the beach at Point No Point.
A lot of people swear by the pink buzz bombs, though I have seen salmon caught with the white ones too.

Whether you catch a salmon or not, fishing at Point No Point makes for a fun day. It is a great way to kick back and relax while fishing for the big one.

Salmon Fishing