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Golden Retriever Beach

The beach, the dog, light, photography and God

The beach offers many opportunities for the dog and the photographer to play…  As dog the water and sand provide an interesting landscape full of sights, sounds and scents.

Golden Retriever enjoying the beach
The Dog and the Beach

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Hours old Golden Retriever Puppies

Our Golden Retriever had 7 puppies.  Here is a video of them just hours old!  They are so tiny and cute.  We will post more videos as they grow older 🙂

Turning Heritage Park day hike into Zombie Satire

How do you keep your tween son interested in a day hike?  Turn it into a Zombie movie making experience.  Heritage Park is a 443 acre park off of Miller Bay Road.  Excellent for day hiking, lots of trails, and mountain biking.  Oh and the occasional Zombie Satire video making.

In the near future the Earth is hit by a comet causing it to rotate faster and time to speed up… And in other news the planet is infested with zombies!