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January 2012 – Winter in Kitsap County

January’s snow storm provided a wonderful sledding hill on the road going to the Jefferson Beach Fishing Pier near Kingston Wa.  The sledders were flying down as soon as the road became packed enough for the sleds. Since the road curves and is a good distance from start to finish it was an exhilarating experience for sledders of all ages including moms, dads, kids, and even grandpas. Approximately 6 inches of snow was received in a day long burst of winter weather making a winter wonder land for everyone to enjoy. People seemed to be out all day taking walks, sledding, visiting neighbors, and sharing food. Chili, fresh baked corn bread and hot chocolate were enjoyed in our neighborhood, especially by the youngsters who worked up enormous appetites dragging their sleds up the hills. Our local children slept especially well that night.

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American Legion Park of Poulsbo WA

American Legion Park Poulsbo, WA

The American Legion Park of Poulsbo Wa is located just off Front Street.  It can also be accessed at the north end of the Boardwalk at the Liberty Bay Park  on the waterfront.

This is a shot of the boardwalk connecting the two parks.  It is a very safe boardwalk and perfectly maintained for accommodating baby strollers, toddlers, walkers of all ages, and even bicycles (except for the overcrowding factor).

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A Great Wilderness Trail in the Heart of Poulsbo, Wa.


Access to the Wilderness Park Trail  is across the street from North Kitsap High School on Caldart, or behind Viking Bank on Hwy. 305.  This incredibly lovely 11.56 acre park is right in the heart of Poulsbo,  but leaves behind concrete sidewalks and honking cars. It is a rugged dirt trail, a regular hiking trail, that makes good walking shoes or boots important.  At this time of year please keep in mind the “mud” factor, because it definitely is a little sloggy.



I personally like to park at St. Olaf’s Church and walk across the little bridge toward the east to access the trail head.  I believe I am just enchanted by this little bridge plus I enjoy the grassy walk before heading into the woods.


Immediately one is transported into a wonderful woods with the city left behind.



Dog Fish Creek flows alongside a lot of the trail and birds abound.



At several places small bridges have been placed over the creek.DSCN2372.


This large tree was uprooted this winter in one of our wind storms.  It does not impede upon the trail however, just adding more texture to this rich environment.  Spring will be arriving soon and this park will burst forth with wild flowers and more birds, all for us to enjoy!

Village Green Community Park in Kingston WA


The new Village Green Community Park in Kingston WA is truly a work in progress.  It is a wonderful space to play with the children or dogs, or just to do a little sunbathing or walking and looking at what used to be an old Kingston farm.



The park is located on what was a reclaimed waste water treatment site and Navy housing site.  Future plans include ball fields, walking paths, and a new community center housing a library, senior center, and meeting rooms.


This is the rare 100 year old Camperdown Scotch Elm Tree that was part of the old farm.  Since the tree cannot self reproduce it needs to be protected.  It was adopted by the Kingston Garden Club, and hopefully will have a new sign soon to help assure it continues to thrive.


Right next door to the new and developing park are the Kingston Tennis Courts.  They are busy courts and in good weather almost always have a game being played on them at any time of day.

Right around the corner is the skateboard park, and that is definitely busy all the time.

Raab Park P-Patch and Youth Garden in Poulsbo, Wa


While enjoying some time in Raab Park stroll over and check out the P-Patch Community Garden. This is a wonderful little garden, but be sure and don’t pick any produce!  The little plots are rented out and tended by the community, and I have noticed some plots produce several seasons.  This is an especially good time to visit because so many flowers are blooming and their produce is maturing.


garden 2


The Youth Garden is especially delightful and playful.  Looks like they have had fun gardening this summer.