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Christmas Season At Valley Nursery In Poulsbo

valley nursery trees

Christmas is in full swing at Valley Nursery in Poulsbo Wa. They have a generous selection of trees that can also be planted after the Christmas holiday is over.


valley nursery wreaths

Beautiful wreaths abound, but the hanging evergreen arrangements were my favorite.

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A Visit To Valley Nursery Poulsbo Wa



A visit to Valley Nursery on a rainy day with latte in hand is a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.  I love being greeted by the giant garden troll.  Wish he lived in my yard! Since this nursery is large (6 acres) I try to have a good amount of time but even a small visit is a refreshing break from the rainy weather.


I  enjoy looking at their ever changing displays and find inspiration for my own seasonal decorating.  But this day I was on a mission.  I needed to find some help with a diseased rhodie.  They have horticulturists on staff daily and they can answer any questions I have regarding my plants.  They are knowledgeable regarding care, pest control, and soil preparation.  I have discovered that my plants purchased from Valley Nursery almost always do quite well, probably because they stock varieties specific to our northwest environment and growing conditions.  I did have one blueberry bush that didn’t survive and they replaced it.  I can’t say if that always happens but they certainly seem to stand behind their plants.



Valley Nursery has wonderful garden decor for sale.  The biggest hurdle is to limit my choices because of space in my garden.


Then a walk through the greenhouses is always inspiring.  I have to admit I am almost out of control here in the spring and find myself with one of those big carts full of beautiful starts.


Since the fall rainy days are so dreary,  it is fun to see color and to take some plants home to cheer up my entry.  Have to say I do a lot of fall planting also to have some early blooms in the spring.  Inside their garden store they have gifts for all my gardener friends so it is nice to get a little Christmas  shopping out of the way.  In the past I have made some gorgeous (if I do say so) wreaths using their wreath machine.  I hope it is available this year as I am looking forward to using some of the evergreens I have saved.  Happy Gardening!!

A visit to Sacks Feed & Garden in Kingston Wa


We stopped by Sacks Feed and Garden in Kingston recently and were greeted at the door by a sweet golden retriever.   She escorted us as we shopped for doggie treats (was that why she was so devoted?), slug repellent, grass seed, and some fall plants.  The store is stocked with gardening books, gifts, feed for all kinds of critters, and most enjoyable for us, flowers.  It was a fantastic sunny day and the plants were putting on their best display for us.  We decided to go next door to the Cup and Muffin to get a latte and stay a little longer.  With only a trace of fall in the air plus the warm sun, it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.