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A Perfect Autumn Stroll and Bite to Eat

We recently toodled down to Port Gamble. An autumn requirement. It is a beautiful town any day of the year but a day in fall is the best. It is made for this season. We went out to walk the trails and discovered two things I never knew were there. (Some of you will have known of these gems for years but many, I am sure, do not). There is a pond complete with ducks, lily pads (some sort of aquatic vegetation) and great photographic opportunities. And my dog, Shiloh, found all sorts of neat smells. And looked great as she is a retriever and was quite at home amongst the tall grasses and waterfowl.

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Spotlight on Our Photo Contest Winners

Mary dockThank you to all our photography contest entrants. Below find out more about the winners. 

Mary Saurdiff

I am married, have two grown children and five grandchildren. I have lived in Kitsap County for most of my life. I am a photographer and watercolor artist. About ten years ago, I started getting serious about photography, and started selling photo cards in the local stores and to friends.  Living in Kitsap County gives me ample opportunity for photography subjects.

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Nancy Knode, Acupuncturist at Harbor Healing Center In Kingston Expands

Harbor Healing

Nancy Knode, acupuncturist and owner at Harbor Healing Center in Kingston WA expands to include Continue reading Nancy Knode, Acupuncturist at Harbor Healing Center In Kingston Expands

Viking Fest – Poulsbo Washington

We took the family out to Viking Fest for the parade and other fun activities (like eating our annual funnel cake!!) We were treated to North Kitsap and Kingston High School and Poulsbo and Kingston Middle School bands – what great music we still have in our school district! Truly a blessing. There were fancy cars, a few floats, (not enough, seems like there use to be a lot more floats) trucks, the military and candy handed out for the kids.

Downtown Poulsbo was packed, which made for a festive atmosphere.

Video of the Kingston Middle School Band at Viking Fest

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Gallery at ChocMo

Reception for Mark Gsellman ~ Photojournalist, ChocMo March 22, 2012

We attended a gallery opening for our friend Mark Gsellman at ChocMo March 22nd. What a great cozy place for treats and drinks! If you haven’t stopped by and checked out this place – we highly recommend it! The staff is nice and the atmosphere is great. Inviting, smells like chocolate, complete with rotating artwork gallery lining the walls. And there’s chocolate. And Guinness. Continue reading Gallery at ChocMo