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A Perfect Autumn Stroll and Bite to Eat

We recently toodled down to Port Gamble. An autumn requirement. It is a beautiful town any day of the year but a day in fall is the best. It is made for this season. We went out to walk the trails and discovered two things I never knew were there. (Some of you will have known of these gems for years but many, I am sure, do not). There is a pond complete with ducks, lily pads (some sort of aquatic vegetation) and great photographic opportunities. And my dog, Shiloh, found all sorts of neat smells. And looked great as she is a retriever and was quite at home amongst the tall grasses and waterfowl.

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Another Visit to Port Gamble


Yet another gorgeous, sunny day in Port Gamble.  This time we visited the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion.  What a fantastic site for a wedding or reception.  Just last year it was the tent pavilion so this is quite an improvement.  I believe the new pavilion holds approximately 200 guests with an adjacent tented patio.  With windows on all sides plus french doors, the pavilion affords a breathtaking panoramic view.  So with the Hood Canal view, Hood Canal bridge, wonderful expansive lawn, rose garden, slated patio, and 20 foot tall stone fireplace, this is the place to have the reception of your dreams.


Another view showing the older tent pavilion and the new pavilion.


Just up the street is the historic Buena Vista Cemetery.  Not only is the view absolutely spectacular, but the history on the tombstones is beyond fascinating.  After spending quite some time reading them, we walked down the hill for a latte and a bite of barbecue.  Yum!


Recent Visit to Port Gamble, WA


On a wonderful sunny Sunday we visited Port Gamble, WA., a 120 acre National Historic Landmark located on the shores on Hood Canal.  A visit to this little town is always pleasant, rain or shine.  We  started out at the Port Gamble General Store, which is under new management.  Actually our goal was the store as we had heard they have awesome hand dipped milkshakes, and I am testimony to the fact that they do!  They are large so you might consider sharing one.  They also have a good selection of top notch ice creams so we did a little sampling of the spumoni and it was superb.  I noticed they have espresso drinks and a restaurant in the back.  I did not go there but next visit will check it out.  It is good to see the store up and flourishing again.


Across the street from the General Store is Olympic Outdoor Center located in the old fire station.  I used to visit the Artful Ewe yarn shop in the old station and loved the building. The yarn shop has moved down the street into the Old Market Building.  Olympic Outdoor Center moved from Poulsbo Wa sometime last fall I believe.  That is just one of several changes I noticed around the town.  Actually there are lots of changes, new businesses arriving, several moving, and a couple leaving.



Next we meandered over to the community hall and post office.  I don’t exactly know why but I am always seized by an urge to go inside this building, but we couldn’t because it was Sunday.  I think it has alot to do with the wonderful wooden floors and the incredible old feeling. Having said that ALL of the buildings in Port Gamble are old, but for me this one has a great feeling to it.  On my next visit to Port Gamble the building might be open and I can take some photos from inside.


Stay tuned as we make our way on down the street.  I highly recommend a visit to this charming quaint little town that functions at a much slower pace than the rest of the world.