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A Walk At Battle Point Park On Bainbridge Island


park bainbridge island

We had the opportunity to take a long walk at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island recently.  The park is large, 90 acres with mainly open space with ponds, 1.5 mile paved walking trail, bike trail, well equipped children’s playground, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, community garden, picnic and sitting areas, and of all things, a roller hockey court. We were able to watch them play and boy does that look like fun!! Continue reading A Walk At Battle Point Park On Bainbridge Island

Kitsap County Parks Need Help With Maintainence – Can You Do A Little?

The Kitsap County Parks around Kingston are in need of volunteers to help with maintenance as funding is low for those type of projects. A little help from everyone can go a long way and most likely we have all enjoyed one or more of them.

old school house

One of my favorite places in Kingston is Kola Kola Park. It is an active park because the old school houses the Kingston Coop Preschool, and nothing gives life to a place like young children! Continue reading Kitsap County Parks Need Help With Maintainence – Can You Do A Little?

Kola Kole Park in Kingston WA


While in Kingston we decided to shoot some baskets at the Kola Kole Park basketball court. The court and park are maintained by Kitsap County Parks and in my opinion they do a good job.  The court was clean and the fence in good repair.  It was a sunny day, perfect for an outdoor activity and the little ones were easily entertained playing on the playground equipment next to the Kingston Cooperative Preschool.  The preschool is housed in the old Kola Kole School House which was built in Kingston around 1909.  The preschool has been there for 40 years or so.  Just amazing actually.

After that we took a stroll around the Ed Moon Baseball Field and envisioned the years of playing that has taken place there and the hundreds of youngsters who have played on that field. This park certainly has a lot of history behind it and for such a small town has served a lot of people in so many different ways.