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Dog playing catch and rolling ball back to owner

You never know what you will see on a summer stroll in Winslow on Bainbridge Island. The other day we came across a dog playing catch with his owner on a hill. The dog would fetch the ball and then roll it down the hill back to his owner. This was providing fun summer entertainment for all the people enjoying Ice Cream and a warm afternoon. Enjoy the video!


Summer Time boating fun on Miller Bay and at Indianola

Summer just would not be summer without some time spent boating on the salty waters of the puget sound. The kids really enjoy wave jumping, geting splashed, wet and wild while keeping cool.

Truth be told I have just as much fun as the kids!

After wave Jumping, we like to go check our crab pot and see if we caught any Dungeness crab. This time out we had around seven crab in the pot, and although I was being very careful not to get pinched, when I reached in I did not see the crab right under the one I was reaching for and it pinched me good.  It drew first blood.

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Out and About In Kingston on the Summer Solstice


On the Summer Solstice this year Mother Nature gave us the most incredible whole day of gorgeous summer weather.  The Port of Kingston Marina was fantastic with Mount Rainier shining in the background.  Even the commuters unloading from the ferry were strolling, not hurrying.


This sign in this summer weather probably made golfers long to be on the golf course.  That Kingston Rotary event must have done quite well with a large turnout.  The White Horse Golf Club is beautiful and offers a  free Edmonds/Kingston Golf Shuttle for golfers coming from the other side of Puget Sound.  The Pro Shop is open seven days a week and you can reserve your tee times online.

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