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A Perfect Autumn Stroll and Bite to Eat

We recently toodled down to Port Gamble. An autumn requirement. It is a beautiful town any day of the year but a day in fall is the best. It is made for this season. We went out to walk the trails and discovered two things I never knew were there. (Some of you will have known of these gems for years but many, I am sure, do not). There is a pond complete with ducks, lily pads (some sort of aquatic vegetation) and great photographic opportunities. And my dog, Shiloh, found all sorts of neat smells. And looked great as she is a retriever and was quite at home amongst the tall grasses and waterfowl.

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A Walk At Battle Point Park On Bainbridge Island


park bainbridge island

We had the opportunity to take a long walk at Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island recently.  The park is large, 90 acres with mainly open space with ponds, 1.5 mile paved walking trail, bike trail, well equipped children’s playground, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, community garden, picnic and sitting areas, and of all things, a roller hockey court. We were able to watch them play and boy does that look like fun!! Continue reading A Walk At Battle Point Park On Bainbridge Island

American Legion Park of Poulsbo WA

American Legion Park Poulsbo, WA

The American Legion Park of Poulsbo Wa is located just off Front Street.  It can also be accessed at the north end of the Boardwalk at the Liberty Bay Park  on the waterfront.

This is a shot of the boardwalk connecting the two parks.  It is a very safe boardwalk and perfectly maintained for accommodating baby strollers, toddlers, walkers of all ages, and even bicycles (except for the overcrowding factor).

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Clear Creek Trail in Silverdale WA


The Clear Creek Trail, which is almost 5 miles long, winds through the heart of Silverdale.  My favorite part of the trail begins at the Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park on Silverdale Way.  Just in case you are not familiar with the park it is easily recognized by being the “skateboard park”.  Just park and follow the signs shown above.  Most likely there will be other walkers leading the way.  It is truly an enjoyable outing for all ages and dogs are welcome if leashed, but you must carry and use your doggie bags (which are provided).  It is also quite a popular bike trail.


The Clear Creek Bike/Pedestrian Trail is a 1.4 mile long, approximately 10 foot wide paved trail winding through open space next to Hwy SR3.  This will be your goal after leaving the parking lot shown in the first photo.


At this point we took one of the side trails which heads for the wetlands and the boardwalk.  This walk is enjoyable year around. I have walked there in all the seasons and am impressed every single time.  Even in the winter it is exquisite with snow on the grasses, birds everywhere, more solitary peacefulness, and an occasional coyote.  It is truly a wonderful contribution provided by the Clear Creek Task Force.