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Out and About In Kingston on the Summer Solstice


On the Summer Solstice this year Mother Nature gave us the most incredible whole day of gorgeous summer weather.  The Port of Kingston Marina was fantastic with Mount Rainier shining in the background.  Even the commuters unloading from the ferry were strolling, not hurrying.


This sign in this summer weather probably made golfers long to be on the golf course.  That Kingston Rotary event must have done quite well with a large turnout.  The White Horse Golf Club is beautiful and offers a  free Edmonds/Kingston Golf Shuttle for golfers coming from the other side of Puget Sound.  The Pro Shop is open seven days a week and you can reserve your tee times online.

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Low Tide at the Indianola Pier and Beach


Indianola Wa pier and beach at low tide.  This is a public fishing pier, a dive spot to an underwater wreck,  and a great beach to walk children and dogs, plus it has a long history for being a desirable place to dock all kinds of boats.


The tide flats are prominent in this very minus tide.

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Winter Weather at Jefferson Beach, Kingston WA


Here is the dock at Jefferson Beach outside of Kingston WA during a winter day.  It is true the sky was blue and it was a gorgeous day, but what doesn’t show in the photo is how incredibly cold it was that day.  Clear and cold.  The wind was howling which made the very high tide even more dangerous and wild.


This  fishing pier is a very popular salmon fishing spot in the fall.  It can be virtually lined with fishermen and young boys doing some crabbing.


This photo shows how high the tide was — all the way up to the steps going out on the pier.


The tide was so high it covered most of the boat launch and tossed up large logs.


This photo demonstrates the powerful waves as it was tossing large logs like toothpicks.  Bainbridge Island is in view in the distance.  The tide is normally low enough on this side of the beach to walk all the way to Indianola Wa.  A great walk completed by a stop at the wonderful Indianola store.


The wind was blowing so strongly that this local Jefferson Beach standard poodle was barely able to walk toward the beach.  Mother Nature was giving her a brushing!!