Sluys Bakery in Poulsbo WA


Sluys Bakery in historic downtown Poulsbo WA and the home of the famous Poulsbo bread.


The window display is absolutely enticing and will draw you right in their front door, unless of course you do not indulge in sugar.  I allow myself a little treat occasionally so right through that door for me.  “Look at the size of those goodies” I am saying to myself!


The door knob, being a metal pretzel, is completely appropriate.


Once inside the selection is overwhelming. The pastries are large, oozing with frosting and fillings,  and decadent.  I selected one of my favorites, a bear claw as big as my hand.  I also purchased a cherry danish and some jalapeno crackers to take home.  I had to resist taking home cookies, cakes, and more pastries.  Of course, being reminscent of a slightly rustic European bakery, they also serve lefse and other Nordic sweets. During the holidays they always have seasonal desserts such as pies and fruitcakes.  To top it all off the service is excellent.  If you should have to wait,  just spend your time eyeing the scrumptious spread before you.  Try to decide exactly what you want before you get up there and ask for one of everything.  If you are from out of town and unable to come back, I suggest you load up, otherwise you will definitely wish you had later.

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  1. Hi. Saw you on Vegas PBS TV. Do you mail your bread. If not, I will stop in on my way to Alaska in 2017. Thank you, Dean.

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